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1. Add your favorite Baird Beers to your cart


Select any of your favorite Baird Beer items from our catalogue and add them to your cart. For select items, you can pick from the following gift options:

  • Gift Wrapping
  • Celebration Noshi
  • Mid Summer Noshi
  • New Year’s Noshi
  • Family Celebration Noshi
  • Plain Noshi

For select items, add a custom message to your order to personalize your set.

What is "noshi" ?

Noshi is a special type of decorative ceremonial paper added around the outside of a gift and is used to express good wishes.

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Okinawa 2,050円

Please note: Shipping rates are applied per product

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Our fulfillment center will process your order within 3 business days and make sure your orders are secure.

Once your shipment is on its way, we will send you an email with a tracking number so you can follow your order straight to your doorstep.

All our beers are sent in a cooler transport, meaning you get the perfect temperature beer ready for consumption the moment it’s in your hands.