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This set of select beers has been selected by famous Japanese internet personality Hiroyuki. Buy a pack now and get a limited Zun Beer sticker inside!

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Beers in this set

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Numazu Lager
thumbnail of Numazu lager

Clean, soft and flavorful local water combines with floor-malted barley and a mix of world hops to yield a fantastically round yet snappy Lager that drinks rich and full like an Ale.

Unfiltered and naturally carbonated, this is a true throw-back Lager.

Alcohol Content (by volume): 5.5%

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Dark Sky Imperial Stout

This foreboding Stout unleashes a torrential downpour of hop character within a maelstrom of roasted malt flavor.

Alcohol Content (by volume): 10%

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Kurofune Porter
thumbnail of Kurofune Porter

Kurofune (meaning ‘Black Ships’) is the word Japanese used to describe the American gunboats that came to open Japan to Western trade in the 19th century.

Kurofune Porter is sleek and forceful, but leaves a winning bittersweet taste of chocolate and coffee on the tongue.

Alcohol Content (by volume): 6.0%

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Red Rose Amber Ale
thumbnail of Red Rose Amber Ale

The Red Rose is a most original Amber Ale – the result of high fermentation (with Ale yeast) at an unusually low (Lager-like) temperature.

This robust, rich brew, with fruity, malty flavors, is nonetheless crisp, refreshing, and dry.

As a rose – extravagantly layered, expansively fragrant, and just a bit prickly.

Alcohol Content (by volume): 6.0%

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Shimaguni Stout
thumbnail of Shimaguni Stout

This is the Baird version of the quintessential Irish beer style: Dry Stout.

The pitch-black color and rich, roasty dryness belie the moderate gravity and alcohol content.

This Stout is meant for everyday drinking – at home or at the pub.

Alcohol Content (by volume): 5.0%

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